• "Great reading from Cat - she was on the money, I was left feeling amazed."

L. Bates.

  • "A few months ago I had a reading with Cat. I happened upon her via the internet, being a Leo and a cat lover, it felt like a match. With no personal information other than my birth date and a recent selfie, she nailed it. I was at a bit of a crossroads or crossfire {lol} in my life, not really sure which road to travel. Knowing there are no wrong decisions, I sought guidance to help choose the one for my highest spiritual awakening. I opted for a Harvest {7 card} Spread. I am absolutely thrilled and amazed at the accuracy and thoroughness for her reading! I’m across the big pond in the USA {not that it makes a huge difference}, and would, without a shadow of a doubt highly recommend Cat!" 
    Janet Meredith - Florida, USA

  • "It was an exciting thing to have done, I had butterflies but the reading was really positive and I felt really good about the outcome, a success and completion card, the Wheel of Fortune." S.Phipps

  • "Amazing reading, spot on! It's helped me make some important decisions that I feel really good about." Anna Gillespie

  • "It was great. Thx @catstarot .I very much enjoyed my reading X." J. Alcock

  • "I didn't know what to expect but it was down to earth, therapeutic and dead on in terms of how relevant it was. Cat had said it wasn't about knowing things for certain or reading the future but pin pointing certain energies, potential and then giving guidance, it definitely did that." P. Burton

  • "Great reading from Cat! I am already on a certain path but wanted clarification for a few new projects in my career and the cards she pulled for me (and her interpretation) were pretty spot on! Highly recommend and very fair price for a 5 card reading. Thanks Cat." Beth Taylor

  • "I wasn't sure it would be worth having it done but thought it would be interesting if nothing else, very surprised though over how much it made sense and seemed to fit with my life and the way I'm feeling at the moment. Still in shock a bit! Thanks!" A. Davidson

  • "It's really helped me to make clear decisions about my future, thank you! I now have a much clearer idea over what I want and I feel more confident about what I can achieve too :)"

  • "I was a bit freaked out at first because I couldn't believe how relevant my reading was, it took me a while to think about it before I could come back and ask questions. Really glad I had it done as I'm much clearer on where I need to go in life and what I need to do for the best. It's made me think."

  • "Thanks! I really enjoyed reading it, I shall keep it to inspire me." L . Sweet 

  • "Wow! Thank you so much for my reading. I feel a bit in shock with regards to how accurate it is - considering change of career, taking up a hobby/interest in photography again, balancing work and life." S. Baxter

  • "I couldn't believe the cards that came up for when I asked about my destiny/true potential/what I should be doing in the future in terms of work, they basically all seemed to mean the same thing, all the information was saying that I should be in a helping/supporting role and that I should be using the trauma/experience from my own life in order to help people properly. It was such a strong message it reduced me to tears but in a good way."

  • "I thought my reading was very informative and accurate plus I also felt that it gave me a real insight into 2017. I would definitely have another reading."

  • "As a couple we both asked about our ultimate destinies and we both got The World card, just couldn't believe that we got the same card out of 78 plus we were both happy with The World as it's apparently a really positive card about completion, success, accomplishment."  

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