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2019 Tarotscopes for all the Signs

December 27, 2018

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Reading the Tarot

February 4, 2017

Reading Tarot is an art as it involves building a relationship with the cards, understanding the symbolism, tuning in to your own intuition and having the ability to see the bigger picture. Cards aren't read in isolation; the combination and position of the cards gives the reading a message and a meaning to the querent.

When I do a face to face reading the story unfolds and it is vital that the querent contributes to this narrative also... not to give away clues about their life, I'm not trying to read their mind but in order for them to reflect on their current position, to think about their strengths and weaknesses and to consider where their journey through life is taking them.

I get intuitive hits during a reading where I will know something by feeling it... it isn't a thought it's a strong feeling and it comes with a surge of energy. With those comes words and realisations.

Numerology and the elements are also an integral part of Tarot: For example getting lots of swords in a reading will denote that the elements of air and spirit are dominant and therefore the reading will have a strong mental influence... it might concentrate on the querent's thoughts, perceptions, ways of thinking such as possible anxieties and stress as well as other areas such as communication and learning. In terms of numerology getting lots of 9's,10's and 1's mean that certain cycles in life are coming to an end, there is a sense of completion, accomplishment and then renewal... starting again!


When I do email readings I always take notes, writing down meanings and symbolism along with the stream of intuitive hits that come when you spend time with the Tarot.

Life is about development and cycles... it is a journey and that is exactly what Tarot is, it can map out our progress and our obstacles; reflecting this back to us as guidance.

Therapeutic Tarot is what it's all about :)



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