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A wide range of Tarot spreads are available to cover many aspects of life. All I need is a photo of yourself; your name, contact email, birth date and your question or area of query and I will do a reading. I will identify the perfect spread for your query, do the reading and then create a comprehensive layout of the result (including a photograph of your spread) which will be emailed to you.
NB: Please contact me in the first instance through the 'Contact' menu to discuss your needs as all readings and clients are unique. I offer a high quality, ethical and bespoke service. Payment must be taken before your reading is done through the payment options available and layouts are completed in Word or the results of the reading can be sent to you in the body of the email if you would prefer, however the price of the service is the same.  

Celtic Cross Spread

This is one of the oldest and most complex spreads. It entails the use of 10 cards and is perfect for giving a broad overview of a specific time in someone's life including probable near future events and outcomes based on current energy. The cards are laid out in a cross with an additional vertical line of cards. It is worthwhile doing the Celtic Cross spread once every 2 - 3 months.


Manifestation Spread

This is a 10 card spread that guides the querent by suggesting what to do and what not to do in order to move towards and realise a chosen goal and desire in life. It is complex in it's layout which is in a shape of a pentagram. It provides comprehensive information and advice.


Past/Present/Future Spread

This is one of the most commonly used Tarot spreads and can be surprisingly in-depth considering that only 3 cards are used... 1 for the past, 1 for the present and 1 for the future. The querent is able to gain important advice even from just 3 cards because what also matters is the combination of cards as well as the individual meanings.

Personal Energy or Trinity Spread

This is another 3 card spread that can be very enlightening for the querent. The 1st card is higher self (soul) the 2nd is conscious self and the 3rd is the querent's subconscious energy. This is an excellent spread to use for self development and understanding the energies with which we approach life.

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