Attempting to adopt and follow this tradition I am not just content to read Tarot but I also study and use Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology with a keen need to also write fiction as well as to create artwork covering many subjects but with a recent emphasis on producing new Tarot decks. My Extant Tarot is  based on the potent symbolism from all 78 Tarot cards of the Rider-Waite Deck but all with unique designs created by myself; each card of the original edition of the Extant is handcrafted and hand finished. I have plans to create limited editions of this deck and to produce further alternative decks in the future. All symbolism is considered carefully in order to ensure the divination qualities of the cards.

I have had an interest in Tarot, Astrology and other esoteric subjects for a very long time, previously undertaking any Tarot as a hobby and for free to friends and who ever wanted a reading but then I decided to extend my Tarot practice to encompass professional readings after an acquaintance queried why I wasn't charging for them.

I have a varied academic background with an Honours Degree in Graphic Design, a Masters in Fine Art and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with qualifications in Psychology. I think I have an unquenchable curiosity and thirst for education as well as self-knowledge and self-development and I have always been this way, I was a really studious pupil at school and always driven and self motivated. 

As a result one of the most inspirational people to me is Leonardo Da Vinci, a Renaissance artist (1400's) whose curiosity and ventures knew no bounds... he was a 'universal man' due to his ability to master a range of pursuits but this was common practice at the time. The sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti listed the areas of knowledge that the artist should learn as: history, geometry, philosophy, grammar, astrology, medicine, theory of design, anatomy, perspective and arithmetic but in Leonardo's case you could add engineering to that list too.

Extant Tarot Deck Copyright Cat Barnes 2017

I have set up an additional web site up for my arts practice including for my fiction with more social media platforms to come to support this. At present the website is centred around one book that I've written which is the first of a Trilogy and it's called Legacy - Children of the Isle. Please press on the arrow below to find out more as there are extracts of all chapters uploaded to the website blog and I have uploaded a new version of the book to Amazon which is available to buy and download, as it has undergone a final edit, with a previous version enjoying global downloads and some great reviews. The next books in the trilogy have not yet been written but outlines for them have as this is an ongoing and long term project, however Legacy - Children of The Isle can stand alone as fiction. On my arts site I will also provide details about Art and Tarot Deck Designs.

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© 2019 by Cat Barnes. Proudly created with  and many thanks to Ali Barnes for photography.

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