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As a Tarot Reader I respect that other readers have their own approach and want to approach their tarot practice in their way. Personally speaking for me, I don't understand tarot reading without reversals and I don't take people's power away by 'telling them what to do'... it is always guidance! I don't go for the approach where people are told things like 'you'll meet a tall, dark man on a Tuesday, his name will be Dan and he'll have a brown jacket.' What? No!


For me Tarot is about reaching out, guiding, reflecting, bringing solutions into your awareness and always using it as a way to move towards your fullest potential and best life. Yep, you can keep the head scarves, crystal balls and loopy earrings (although they are pretty fun) but it's not about definitives for me, it's about guidance and trying to do something with it.

Personally I think it takes guts to honestly open up and listen to what tarot is showing in a reading. If you allow it, it can be like looking into a mirror, sometimes that's not always easy for everyone but its honest and it supports growth and awareness.

Therapeutic Tarot is what it's all about!

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